Resource Works Society: Advocating for sustainable development

Resource Works Society is a non-profit that educates and creates dialogue on the value of responsible resource development in B.C.,” explains Barinder Rasode, Director of Social Responsibility. “We want to make sure that the community has the proper facts around the resource sector and the connection between the north – where the resources are – and the south – where we benefit from resource extraction.”

Responsible resource development, she believes, enhances our daily lives by supplying such things as our clothes, hospital equipment, even our cell phones.

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“It also makes the economic contribution to B.C. that allows the government to enact plans such as poverty reduction and environment preservation.”

Operating with a Board of Directors and Advisory Council made up of community and industry leaders, scientists, academics, First Nations representatives, and labour leaders, Resource Works Society conducts research and creates documents that encourage fact-based dialogues on the contribution the resource industry can make to our very survival.

“We want to improve the state of public discourse on natural-resource topics in B.C.,” Barinder says. “Arguments should be based in fact and with respectful dialogue, distinguishing between vested interests and broad community interest. We need to engage in a manner that seeks resolution, not endless confrontation.”

Barinder points out that Resource Works Society is not about resource development at all costs.

“Not at all,” she says, “We’re about development being very respectful and preserving as much of our natural habitat as we can. We want the resource sector to meet or exceed all environmental standards while making a good economic contribution to our community.”

What Resource Works Society does not support, Barinder reiterates, is saying “No” to development without fact-based information.

For more information on the Resource Works Society and their research, check out their website, call 778.588.9352, or email Resource Works can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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