Stop getting steamed by that noisy bathroom fan

The fan in your bathroom is driving you crazy. Every time you turn it on it sounds like a plane is landing. And when it comes to getting rid of the steam on your bathroom mirror after a shower, the fan is all noise, no power.

Shawn Willis and Darren Martin aren’t surprised. The owners of AJ’s Electrical know that when a lot of homes in the Lower Mainland were built, contractors installed cheap vents that are not only noisy, but inefficient as well.

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With 65 years of experience between them, their company has been helping homeowners find solutions since 2003.

“When it comes to fans that are quiet and can move a lot of air, Panasonic is cream of the crop,” says Martin. “As well as helping with mold issues, it moves the air a lot faster so the mirror’s pretty much clear after a shower. You don’t have to wipe it and leave a streak. We also like Broan fans if homeowners are looking for a less expensive option.”

Another way to modernize your house is by installing potlights; add a dimmer switch and you also reduce your hydro bill. “We use all LED products with proper LED dimmers,” Martin says, cautioning homeowners to make sure that their dimmer switches are formatted for the correct type of lighting.

The company uses certain tricks that minimize damage to ceilings and walls. Technicians also bring in blankets and vacuums to cause as little disruption as possible. “It’s like they’ve never been to your house once they’re finished,” Willis says.

When it comes to upgrading older systems, AJ’s Electrical thinks outside the box. “We recently replaced outdoor lights going up concrete stairs. We pulled all the inner workings out and took them back to our shop to rebuild. When we installed the new lighting, we redid the paint so it was seamless.”

“We’re not just going out there to replace everything,” Willis adds. “We’ll try to fix what clients have before we buy new if that’s what the client wants.”

One challenge they’ve learned to overcome is how to install class two electric car charging stations for people who live in townhouses. “You can’t just up the service from 100 amps to 200 amps if you’re coming off a central service,” Martin says. “There’s a lot of detail involved but we can come up with solutions to make it work and pass inspections, which are required for the rebates.”

If you want a trusted, reliable Vancouver electrician/technician to renovate or modernize your home, call AJ’s Electrical Service and Repair at 604-359-1915 or contact them here for a free quote. They serve all of the Lower Mainland from Aldergrove to Horseshoe Bay.

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