Want to live, work or study in Canada? Meet the immigration dream makers

For people who want to study, work or live in Canada, the immigration process can be daunting.

The team at Canada Immigration Consultants guides clients through the application maze to help people realize their dreams.

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It all starts with a phone call. A team member will take a client through a 40-page questionnaire that explores the client’s background and qualifications. This assessment report is sent to one of Canada IC’s RCICs — a regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

The RCIC has undergone extensive training and is licensed by the Canadian government. Not only does the RCIC assess the potential success of the application, including which immigration program best suits the client, but the formal designation provides assurance to both the client and the federal immigration services during the application process.

In an ever-changing world, the RCICs are required to maintain an on-going understanding and completion of all Canadian licensing requirements. This level of due-diligence gives Canada IC clients access to the best and most up-to-date professional knowledge of Canada’s immigration system.

Once the RCIC has submitted the report to Canada IC, if the client is eligible for immigration, the team then works with the client to complete the application, says COO Rachel Gary.

“The RCIC can tell them exactly what they need to do, and then we’ll do the submission,” she says.

Here’s how Canada IC can navigate the immigration process from start to finish:

• Students: whether a client has already been accepted by an educational institution or wants to apply, Canada IC helps them with the study permit application and immigration process.

• People with new jobs in Canada: the consultants specialize in an extensive range of legal services for inter-company transfers, NAFTA transferees and business visitor visas. It also helps with the caregiver program.

• People seeking permanent residency: consultants will work with clients to represent them in a variety of programs including family class sponsorships, express entry and human and compassionate permanent residents.

• Post-immigration: Canada IC is highly knowledgeable about the programs available to new Canadians, including Canada’s Start-up Visa program.

Canada IC works hard to ensure immigrating to Canada is more accessible, more affordable and less strenuous for clients. It has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Bulgaria and Israel. Clients must have English fluency.

For more information, visit Canada IC at www.canadaic.com or email them at support@canadaic.com

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