Why you need to think about your plumbing system

Everyone knows that a good plumbing system is fundamental in any home.

And yet few people think about their plumbing until something goes drastically wrong with it.

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 “The challenge with any plumbing system,” says Michael Hoang, marketing coordinator for Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating, “is that you can’t see it, so people tend to ignore it until they are faced with an emergency situation. People don’t always understand that re-piping a system that has deteriorated beyond repair can be very expensive.”

So what does Milani Plumbing suggest we do to take care of our plumbing system?

“Keep an eye out for anything suspicious,” says Michael. “Watch for any type of leak, no matter how small. Are you consistently having clogging issues? Has the water pressure dropped? One customer had water that changed colour after a few minutes of running the water, but took a long time to address it. Don’t ignore these kinds of things. Call a professional. We can likely spot an issue before it becomes a major problem if we’re brought in soon enough.”

Renovations of all kinds are popular these days. People buying homes want to upgrade the plumbing system, people selling homes want to fix outstanding plumbing issues, and many homeowners are looking to replace a dated bathroom or kitchen.

“We see a lot of bathroom renovations,” Michael says. “Now and then, people will want to move or install a laundry room, and occasionally they want to upgrade the kitchen plumbing and sinks.”

One thing that Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating plumbers are trained to do is be proactive.

“While we’re giving you advice on a reno, or fixing an emergency problem, we take a look at the plumbing and will let you know if we see any issues that you may have to deal with in the future.”

Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating is Vancouver’s largest plumbing firm. With a warehouse centrally located in Burnaby, Milani Plumbing is well situated to dispatch a plumbing professional to help with a renovation, air conditioner installation, furnace maintenance, or any plumbing issue.

“We place a special emphasis on helping families,” says Michael.

Not surprising for a family-owned and operated plumbing business.

For more information on Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating or for advice on your next plumber vancouver service, call 604.630.7736, check out their website, or send them an emailMilani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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