STYLE: Hot shave is a sybaritic indulgence

Most young men didnt grow up accompanying their fathers to the barbershop for a hot shave. What a pity. That means they might not be aware of how luxuriously good a hot shave feels. At Farzads Barbershop overlooking Homer and Davie, Farzad Salehi starts by massaging the face with a moisturizing cream and deftly proceeds to hot foam, three hot towels, lather, a shave, a second lather, a second shave, two cold towels to close the pores, and another face massage while applying a water-based after-shave balm.

Now hes ready to be kissed, Salehi says.

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Thats the $30 hot shave. For $85 you get the royal treatment which includes a scalp and shoulder massage.

JDs Barbershop in Gastown offers a glass of scotch with its hot shave for wedding parties.

Male Essentials offers a full range of spa services including a hot shave ($25), beard designs ($30) and eyebrow threading ($12).

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